Residual Income And Clickbank

By Keith Awen

Selling books or ebooks online using clickbank has to be one of the greatest gifts of the Internet age. The great thing about the Internet is that information is basically money. Gone are the days where you worked an hour and got paid for an hour. Gone are the days that when you begged to get an hour off from your boss you probably didn’t get paid for it. Now days with the Internet, if I know something you don’t and you want to learn it then I have created a residual income business.

Right now I make a living on the Internet using a combination of clickbank and google adsense. I wont talk much about adsense here, but it makes my websites that don’t have a product produce a worry free residual income. My check gets put directly into my bank account and no matter where I am in the world; I have money getting put into the bank.

The thing with clickbank and digital products is that it is viral and exponential. Usually we think of viral as something bad, but if its something like money that is spreading then viral marketing is good. With clickbank the digital product I use to make money is ebooks. I happen to have knowledge in a couple areas that people would like to know more about, so I sell it. The opportunity that clickbank offers however is a massive number of affiliates that are willing to work to promote you if you pay them well.

This army of affiliates selling your clickbank ebook has several very interesting angles of opportunity. The first of course is the increase in traffic that will happen when clickbank affiliates start sending their website visitors your way. Traffic combined with a well written sales page can produce a lot of residual income.

The second boon that clickbank affiliates offer is all those inbound pointing links to your product page. The first thing that happens is your page rank will increase, then that will be reflected in your search engine placement thus resulting in even more traffic! Combined with your excellent copywriting skills, you have more residual money!

The third great thing about selling ebooks through clickbank is that as the first two factors escalate and your sales go up, so will your placement in the clickbank marketplace. This is great because once the affiliates in your niche see that your book is selling really well in the clickbank marketplace, what do you think they are going to do? That’s right, you are going to get more affiliates signing up and your residual income is going to get even better.

Now you can see why digital product promotion through clickbank can be profitable. I chose ebooks because of its low cost but software and other digital products can do even better and get higher prices than ebooks. Once you get the ball rolling with clickbank, you can take a vacation and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Better yet though, why don’t you write another book on the topic of "enjoying the fruits of your labor while on vacation?"

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