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JComponentPack 3.2


JComponentPack is a Java Swing GUI library, a visual JavaBeans collection, it's based on the Java Swing MVC architecture and 100% pure Java , it includes more than 20 components that Swing haven't. It includes Java Spreadsheet, Java Data Bound Components, Java Swing Widgets, Java Basic Chart Components, and Java Common Shape Components.






JComponentPack 3.2


Supported File Formats
(xls, xlsx, pdf, xml, html, csv, txt)

Java Spreadsheet can import and export the standard spreadsheet file format, such as Excel xls file, Excel xml file, comma separated file, you can also export the spreadsheet to Web page, PDF file.



JComponentPack 3.2



Cell Attributes
(font, background, underline, cell border, format)

Java Spreadsheet allows you change the cell attribtes, change the cell background, font color, cell border, it also allows you change the cell format for different data type.

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